About Us

Lamonds where you come 1st since 1952


Choosing Lamonds for all your real estate needs will be the best decision you will make.

1. Communication and honesty working together as a team, at Lamonds we all work as a team you don’t get one agent you get all of us.
If you’re a first time seller, you’re probably looking for a strong communicator who you can spend quality time with to begin to understand the property market.
Or maybe you’re an investor looking for an agent with a strong sales history who can get you a quick sale, maybe you're in a situation that you need to get out of fast, or maybe you're wanting a bigger home, or need to down size. Your right agent is here at Lamonds you can stop looking.

At Lamonds you come first, Real estate agents not chasing commission, it's about getting you the best possible price and to have a good honest relationship with you.

2. Choosing us as your honest real estate agent.
A successful agent relationship is an honest one. If you need to adjust the price we will encourage you to do so, at the end of the day a property is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it. If your lounge room is Looking tired we will tell you, the feedback you will receive after our open homes is the good, the bad and the ugly, Honesty all the way with Lamonds, and we ask you to be honest with us.

3. We build a foundation of trust at Lamonds , like anything it all begins with a good foundation.
Remember, at Lamonds we are working on your behalf. We are also building relationships to grow repeated business and new business and keeping our reputation. Were helping you sell your house for more. If you run into a disagreement along the way, try and talk through it rather than bottling up any frustration as sometimes these things happen and can always be easterly resolved, way too many times have we heard this from previous bitten vendors.

4. Speak in person to better your agent relationship.
Rather than emailing your agent, pick up the phone or organise a catch up. Sometimes it’s easy to misinterpret tone of voice and even key points in an email message or text. Communication is one of the most important parts of building a strong relationship with your agent. Lamonds agents, we are real people just like you.

Choosing Lamonds as your agents will be the best decision you will make, you will be delighted since 1952.