When you own rental property you may find that the hardest part is the leasing process. Finding suitable tenants can be a difficult process, especially if you aren’t an expert at it. You want to find tenants who can easily pay their rent on time and will respect the property and be good neighbors. Many people may show an interest in your property rental so it is important to be able to sort through the applicants to find one that is ideal. Property leasing in Wynnum is best accomplished with help from a leasing agent.

How a Leasing Agent Will Help

A leasing agent will assist in every aspect of the rental process. From finding suitable tenants to executing the lease, leasing agents are experts at property leasing in Wynnum. The agent will discuss your property with you and view it to take photos. The details about the property will become part of the rental listing.

Rental listings are a great way to begin the leasing process. An online listing will show photos of your rental property along with details and information. Potential tenants can view the listings and sort them based on a number of factors such as number of bedrooms, bathroom, car spaces and price. They can also view a map of the rental so they can see exactly where the property is located.  

Property leasing in Wynnum also includes making sure that potential tenants are able to meet the lease requirements. A background check will be completed along with employment verification and other vetting procedures. The goal is to find a suitable tenant that will be dependable.

Lease Execution

Once a tenant has been located and vetted, you and the tenant will sign the lease. A company leasing agent will work to negotiate a lease that includes all of the details that you desire. The agent will ensure that the tenants pay the proper security deposit and first month’s rent in order to be ready to move in.

Property leasing in Wynnum also may include making sure that the rental unit or property is completely ready for occupancy. If any repairs are necessary they will be handled quickly and affordably. The agent is aware that you don’t want the property to go without a lease for even a month because you might lose money.

Your rental property is an important source of income and you need to count on your leasing agent to help your ROI. Partner with an experienced agent with the ability to handle all types of properties and issues. The agent will act on your behalf and will always do what is best for your bottom line. Whenever any questions arise, you will be included in the solution when necessary.

Our experienced team at Lamond Real Estate has extensive experience with property leasing in Wynnum. We understand leasing and how to make sure that property owners are protected every step of the way. Contact Lamond Real Estate today to learn more about our real estate services.

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